Dr. Kumar Khagendra Singh
Hon'ble CMO
Haridwar, Uttarakhand.
NVBDCP (National Vector Borne Disease Control Programme)
NVBDCP is implemented in the State since 2004, and previously the programme was known as National Anti Malaria Programme. Since implementation of NVBDCP all Vector Borne diseases have been bought under its ambit, so that preventive and control measures can be implemented effectively by optimally utilizing the resources.

Major Achievements
Reduction in malaria incidence : The Annual Parasitic Incidence could be brought down to 0.94 in 2013 from 4.12 in 2004. Uttarakhand state has screened 10 % population for malaria surveillance from 1961 to 1970, now which has reached up to 20.27%. in 2013. The major benefit due to the reduction in malaria incidence in the community is the impact on overall development as well as at the individual level due less expences for treatment.

Organisation Structure
NVBDCP (National Vector Borne Disease Control Programme)